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New options to improve health and wellbeing during recovery

Plus Inclusion is helping to make the workers compensation system easier to understand for people who experience significant language barriers.

In partnership with the icare foundation, PCCS is developing tailored health literacy and return-to-work resources for injured workers with language barriers (low proficiency in English with a second language spoken at home).

The design, development and testing of tools and resources will take place in partnership with 30+ injured workers from the Northern Sydney Local Health District and surrounds.

For further information, please email or call us on (02) 9477 8700.

Primary & Community Care Services acknowledges the financial and other support from the icare Foundation (NSW).

Are you eligible to participate?

Personal background

Participants with Korean, Cantonese or Mandarin speaking backgrounds with limited English proficiency.


Northern Sydney Local Health District and surrounds.

Time in scheme

Open to various options. Particularly valuable if you have been 30+ days in the Workers Compensation System.

Why we’re committed to Plus Inclusion

“We know people with limited language skills often have low levels of health literacy. Simple things most of us take for granted, like understanding medical instructions and seeking an appointment with a health professional, can be extremely difficult,” said PCCS CEO Dr. J.R. Baker.

“This applies equally to injured workers with limited language skills who can struggle to navigate the workers compensation system and access the services and support they need following a workplace injury. The inability to access the right treatment at the right time can negatively impact on their recovery and reduce their likelihood of returning to work.

“Our Plus Inclusion program aims to improve the health literacy of injured workers with language barriers. We want to create a more culturally responsive and more accessible means by which injured workers can engage with icare, treating doctors and each other to strengthen their recovery journey.

“We’re hopeful that Plus Inclusion will lead to an improved workers compensation experience and improved return-to-work outcomes for people with significant language barriers.”