Who is this program for?

Plus Social is free for Gold Coast residents who:
• Are 18+ years old and living with complex mental health issues
• Have unmet psychosocial needs that are impacting their quality of life
• Have the potential to benefit from increased social participation activities
• Are in need of additional care but their needs are not acute.

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Is this the right program for my patient?

Plus Social is designed for people whose mental health is significantly impacting their daily lives.

People with a serious mental illness make up an estimated 3.1% of the population.* These patients experience a severe breakdown in their social, personal, family and occupational abilities.

About one third of the severe group have a psychotic illness, primarily schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Another 40% have disabling forms of anxiety and depression. The impacts on their lives can vary greatly and can be comprised of:

Severe episodic mental illness – the majority of patients (66%) will fall into this category. The patient will have periods of minimal symptoms or even remission disrupted by recurrent periods of illness.

Severe and persistent mental illness – a third of patients’ symptoms remain at high levels for disabling lengths of time. Their symptoms can last for years without relief.

Many people will have additional complexities related to their mental illness that require additional services and care, such as medical comorbidities and chronic illness that cause disability, high risk for suicide or the need for coordinated assistance across a range of health and disability support agencies.

*Data from the Australian Government Department of Health.

Case study: Amanda

Her last relationship was unhealthy and ended badly when Amanda, 24, fled with little possessions and nowhere to go. For six months, she’s been staying on friends’ couches and self-medicating to make it through the day. She fears she’s running out of people to lean on for support. She has no job and no desire to enjoy her life anymore. She used to love online gaming and going out for coffee, but even these activities hold no comfort for her now.

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Plus Social resources

Download our Plus Social collateral to inform a colleague or educate a patient on a service that could help them better manage their mental health.