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SKillness for NDIS

Taking Improved Daily Living to another level

Do you want to approach work or study with more confidence?

Join the industry-backed SKillness Group and gain support to access work, study and personal endeavours with a greater sense of empowerment and self-determination.

Our fun and dynamic pre-vocational program is a place for people to explore their strengths and passions. Our sessions feature workshop activities and peer learning opportunities. A team of expert mentors, facilitators and occupational therapists will assist you with creating a strengths-based plan to help achieve your goals.

Referral pathways are made available when nearing completion including DES engagement, TAFE enrollment and links to services that help entrepreneurs.

For further information, please email or call us on (02) 9477 8700.

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The SKillness program and community campaign were awarded in the 2020 Good Design Awards.

Selection criteria

  • Aged 16 years or over
  • Has experienced mental ill-health or have had mental health concerns
  • Are interested in being more involved in vocation. Areas of vocation covered include:
    • Study
    • Enterprise
    • Work
    • Volunteering
    • Other.

NDIS funded

You can use your NDIS funding to participate in the SKillness Group.

Referrals can come from local health service, Disability Employment Services, TAFE or self-referral.

Call us on (02) 9477 8700 for more details on how to use your NDIS funding to join the group.

Improving your vocational journey


SKillness will help you to explore your passions and interests. Taking a strengths-based approach, SKillness will help you harness your unique qualities to achieve your goals.


The group is delivered via a peer learning environment that celebrates the unique experience and contribution of all members.


The program will facilitate relationships between participants and the vocational community including working with DES, connecting with local business people and engaging with TAFE in a healthy pathway.

Peer led learning: meet Daniel

Daniel joined the SKillness Group in 2019. He discovered so much about his passions that he was inspired to start his own business, Dan’s Mindful Fishing Tours and began working as a support worker for disability services. Now, in 2020, Dan joins us as one of two alumni co-facilitators who will be assisting with some of the peer led topics featured in the SKillness group.

When first participating in SKillness, Dan was challenged to develop a strength-based view of himself and encouraged to think about the ways he could use his unique skills and attributes in the workforce. It was through this process that he founded Dan’s Mindful Fishing Tours.

“I love fishing because my dad was a fisherman and he taught me how to fish when I was young. It (fishing) is an escape in a way,” he says.

Now he shares his passion with others as part of his working life and he couldn’t he more thrilled.

“You can figure anything out with PCCS’ help. The care and support from PCCS works and I’m getting somewhere,” he says.

He’s also since worked as a support worker in the disability sector driving clients to do their shopping or attend appointments and has thrived on the social interactions the work allows.

As a past graduate of the SKillness Group, Dan is an advocate for taking the time and space to explore your strengths, values and beliefs to develop your vocational journey accordingly.