Well Together Groups

Our Well Together Groups offer the vital social element in our social prescribing program. They are specialised groups providing supported social participation to build wellbeing, inclusion and resilience. Activities may include art or cooking classes, yoga or gardening.

Our Well Together Groups are designed and run by PCCS onsite at The Hub on the Gold Coast, in our Thornleigh offices in Sydney or in the community.

If you don’t find a group here that speaks to your own interests and passions, don’t worry – we’ll help you find local community groups that cater to your goals.

What’s On

Our Well Together Groups can change over time, but could include some of those listed below. To discuss options, call us or keep an eye on the event listings:

Sydney (02) 9477 8700, or check out our current events.

Gold Coast (07) 3186 4000.

Chill Art

What to expect at Chill Art:

  • Try different art materials and explore their uses
  • Sample different art techniques and theories through painting, drawing and watercolour
  • Discuss the works of known artists. Learn about their inspirations and how they work
  • Build skills for expressing yourself through art using different techniques, colours and subjects
  • Create art in a relaxed and social environment alongside other people with similar interests.

Chill Chef

What to expect at Chill Chef:

  • A cooking class that gives you practical skills and expands your appreciation for food and its flavours
  • Learn skills that empower you to go beyond using store-bought items; you would be able to make your own herbed butter, a healthy omelette, or a salad dressing from scratch
  • Eat the delicious food you cooked
  • Socialise and share your cooking ideas with other participants.

Chill Active

What to expect at Chill Active:

  • Raise your weekly physical activity by enjoying a moderate walk
  • Explore new areas by walking on different walking tracks with stunning views
  • Socialise with other participants during the walk
  • Stop at a café to have a chat or play a game.

Chill Out

The Chill Out group is designed to improve your social supports and connections with others in a relaxed space. The groups are led by a friendly facilitator.

What to expect at Chill Out:

  • Socialise and engage with other participants every week
  • Participate in different activities, which can include:
  1. Casual meet-up over coffee
  2. Going to see a movie
  3. Participating in a photography class
  4. Participating in an art class
  • No pressure to meet any level of socialisation; simply enjoying a coffee in a group is perfectly fine.

Chill Snap

What to expect at Chill Snap:

  • A photography class led by an experienced facilitator where you can take photos using professional cameras and photography techniques
  • Go to different locations to explore a range of subjects such as gardens, animals or architecture
  • Print your photos using our on-site printers
  • Socialise and share your photos with others.

Chill Flicks

What to expect at Chill Flicks:

  • A social group where you can enjoy a movie with a snack in a social setting
  • Vote on a movie you would like to see every week
  • Discuss what you saw with other participants, if you wish.