Who we help

At Primary & Community Care Services (PCCS) we assist people living with mental illness by making it easier to access the health and community services they need to manage their lives.

We understand that navigating the mental health and social care system can be complicated and often overwhelming. There are many options for managing mental illness, but knowing where to find these is critical. And that’s where our proficiency lies – we have expertise in care coordination, linking and support services for people living with mental illness, long-term health conditions and complex needs.

Our service specialists can help present the options available and offer advice on the best avenues of care specific to individual needs.

Under 25's

One in four young Australians under the age of 25 will experience mental illness in any given year so you're not alone. And 75% of all mental illness generally expresses itself before the age of 25. Which is why early intervention is vital in helping to reduce impact and duration of mental illness. Here's how we can help...

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Over 25's

Fact: 20% of Australians will experience a mental health disorder every year. Many suffer in silence. Asking for help is often the hardest part, but you've found the right place to seek help. We have extensive experience in supporting people to find the right services to manage their mental health. Find out how we can aide in your recovery...

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People living with a mental illness

If you’re living with mental illness, our goal is to create a smoother journey for you to access the health and community services you need to live the best life possible. We’ll be your project manager to bring everything together with the ultimate aim of improving your wellbeing and quality of life. Find out how we can help you…

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